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We propose a method for supervised learning with multiple sets of features (“views”). The multiview problem is especially important in …

We develop two efficient solvers for optimization problems arising from large-scale regularized regressions on millions of genetic …

This paper describes some of the substantial enhancements to the glmnet R package ver 4.1+. All programmed GLM families are …

Short-term probabilistic forecasts of the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States have served as a visible and …

SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies, particularly those preventing viral spike receptor binding domain (RBD) interaction with host …


R Packages

Much of my software is in R packages associated with my publications and linked there. Here is a list of some others that I maintain and contribute to, although not comprehensive.

  • SBCpip is a package for predicting platelet inventory at the Stanford Blood Center.

  • CVXR is a domain specific language for expressing convex optimization problems in R.

  • ASSISTant is a package for an adaptive subgroup selection in group sequential trials.

  • cubature for deterministic and monte carlo numerical integration.

  • distcomp for open distributed computation without aggregation.

  • homomorpheR for homomomorphic computations in R and distributed model fitting.

  • ECOSolveR an interface to the Embedded Conic Solver in R.

  • impute Imputation of missing value using K-nearest neighbors.


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The R programming environment provides a rich suite of methods and algorithms for statistical model fitting and computation in general. …

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You have a bookdown book with exercises and solutions to those exercises. You would like to control visibility of the solutions. For …